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CapitalBio Launches Molecular Diagnostic Assay Service in Beijing



(Jan 21st 2013, Beijing) CapitalBio has commenced offering molecular diagnostic assay services at their new standalone facility, about 60 kilometers to the south east of their Beijing headquarters. The current services include a range of molecular diagnostic tests, both microarray-based assays and PCR assays, and will soon extend to mass spectrometry and sequencing later in 2013. The facility, named the CapitalBio Independent Clinical Laboratory, is supervised by Chinese Ministry of Health, and is licensed to offer Chinese SFDA approved IVD assays. In the long run, it is expected to also offer a wide range of laboratory developed tests.



CapitalBio Medical Affairs VP, Chuan ZHANG, and International Business VP, Keith Mitchelson catch the first ray of winter sun beaming into the CapitalBio Independent Clinical Laboratory. 

The new CapitalBio laboratory facility is engaged in the provision of a free neonatal deafness gene mutation screening, a project supported by the Beijing municipal government in 2012, with a total of about 200,000 microarray tests to be completed by the end of March 2013. The laboratory which currently has a peak volume of 1,800 tests per day, and plans to scale up the capacity by four times with the introduction of LabKeeper 8, a new integrated, automatic liquid handling and sample preparation system developed by CapitalBio.




The sample preparation and analysis capacity of the current workflow is 1800 tests per day.  

The Laboratory focuses on the personal diagnostics and molecular genetic assays for inherited diseases, carcinomas, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, and high-end health management services. The mission of the facility is to become a center of excellence to develop and promote LDTs for clinical settings, and for CapitalBio innovation and other cutting edge technologies for use in translational medicine, and thus rationalize and optimize the processing of medical interventions.



The CapitalBio Independent Clinical Laboratory facility.




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