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HLA-B27 Detection Real Time PCR Kit
Over 95% of people that have been diagnosed with AS are HLA-B27 positive, although this ratio varies from population to population (only 50% of African American patients with AS possess HLA-B27, and it is close to 80% among AS patients from Mediterranean countries). HLA-B27 is the most relevant genetic marker of AS. In current clinical practice, HLA-B27 antigen is detected by flow cytometry or lymphocyte cytotoxicity tests. The kit is based on real time PCR to detect HLA-B27 qualitatively. CapitalBio HLA-B27 Detection Real Time PCR Kit utilizes a fluorescent dye with DNA double helix binding activity and generates fluorescent signal intensity readings of the PCR reaction system in a real time manner to detect HLA-B27 gene expression on the mRNA level qualitatively.
HLA Genotyping Kits
A PCR-SSP method based HLA genotyping kit.
CapitalBio HLA Genotyping Kits are based on a PCR-SSP (Sequence Specific Primers) method. They are used for typing of HLA related genes, such as HLA-DRB1*04, HLADRB1*09, HLA-DQB1 and HLA-B*27. The kits consist of primer-buffer mixture and Taq DNA polymerase, to allow a user to just combine DNA samples and the kit reagents and then amplify the target DNA by PCR. PCR products can be detected by electrophoresis, which can be judged by comparison with the standard HLA patterns.
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