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Electronic Medical Record V4.0
The Electronic Medical Record (CB-EMR) system provides an integrated software-database solution for recording, analyzing, reporting and managing all types of clinical data. It is based on Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and standard SQL database technology. It is one of the most complete and efficient electronic medical record software system available. CB-EMR is a medical office software database that improves staff efficiency and enhances patient care. CB-EMR allows users to efficiently and cost-effectively manage their patients’ complete clinical experience including appointment scheduling, office visits, medical histories, examinations, health maintenance and medications. The recorded clinical data can be automatically analyzed with programs that extract additional biometric statistics, adding value to the database. CB-EMR is not only a patient medical record software, but it is also an important medical office management software. Furthermore, CB-EMR can be used for disease surveillance and reporting.
CB-EMR system is highly customizable and works in different applications. This is accomplished by centralizing patient medical records and streamlining the diagnostic and treatment processes and reducing paper work. This aids researchers undertaking analyses of clinical materials, and enables health-care providers to give better, timely care to patients.
CB-EMR system enhances hospital management, improves medical office efficiency, increases profitability and helps clinics stay current and compliant with industry standards and regulations.
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