SmartArrayer 136

CapitalBio SmartArrayer 136 is designed for large-scale microarray printing of up to 136 slides or up to 17 96-well plates. The SmartArrayer 136 is equipped with dual systems of contact printing and non-contact dispensing. The multi-purpose microarray spotter prints liquid samples on various substrates, such as glass, silicon, microplates or membranes, with high precision, maximum flexibility.

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◆ Dual printing: Exchangeable contact spotting module and non-contact Microdispense™ module.
◆ Substrate versatility: Standard decks applicable to glass slides, silicon substrates and microplates
◆ Higher capacity for slide loading (up to 136) or plate loading (up to 17) in a single round to meet the needs of large-scale microarray production.
◆ High speed: Precise X, Y spotting motion up to 300 mm/sec velocity and 3,000 mm/sec² acceleration when 32 pins are fitted.
◆ Highly efficient cleaning: Selectable combinations of sonication, active washing and vacuum drying.
◆ Pneumatic Non-contact Microdispense™ technology: Ensures no direct contact with slide substrates for less contamination and higher sample utilization rates.
◆ Application flexibility: Microdispense™ volumes adjustable from 10nl to 50µl.
◆ User-friendly software: Flexible array design tools and representative graphical previews of slides/plates/arrays/samples.
◆ Controlled printing environment: HEPA filter, humidity control.


SmartArrayer Contact Spotting SmartArrayer Noncontact Dispensing

SmartArrayer Plate Spotting

Up to 136 slides spottingUp to 17 plates spotting


CapitalBio SmartArrayer 136 spotters can print up to 200 high content microarray slides with 30,000 + spots per week, or up to 200 diagnostic microarray slides with 300 assays in a day.

SmartArrayer Spotting Capability for High Density Microarrays

SmartArrayer Spotting Capability for Dx Microarrays

Wash Combination

Create, save and load your own combinations of cleaning steps and choose the number of repeated cleaning cycles.

For spotting:

SmartArrayer Pin Cleaning

For dispensing:

SmartArrayer Dispenser Cleaning


Contact spotting
Non-contact dispensing
136 slides /16 96-well plates
136 slides /17 96-well plates
Positioning Repeatability
±3 μm
Positioning resolution
1.2 μm (X and Y axis); 0.6 μm (Z axis)
No. of pins
4 (8, 16, 32,48 optional)
1 (2, 4 optional)
Single round completion time(including pinhead wash)
<140 s
<160 s
Minimum sample delivery volume*
0.5 nl
10 nl
Minimum sample loading volume*
0.25 μl
3 μl
Spot diameter
62.5 μm
~400 μm
AC 110 V/AC 220 V
AC 110 V/AC 220 V
1,500 Watts
1,500+400 Watts

*Subject to the type of contact pin or non-contact dispenser used

Cat. No.
Product Name
Product Description
CapitalBio SmartArrayer 136 Microarray Dual Spotter
Dual systems of contact spotting and non-contact dispensing on slides
CapitalBio SmartArrayer 136 Microarray Contact Spotter
Contact spotting on slides
CapitalBio SmartArrayer 136 Microarray Dispense Spotter
Non-contact dispensing on slides
CapitalBio DNA Spotting Buffer
5 ml, 25 ml/package
CapitalBio Protein Spotting Buffer A
5 ml/package
CapitalBio Protein Spotting Buffer B
5 ml/package


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