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LuxScan HT24 Microarray Scanner
The LuxScan HT24 is our new generation fully automated microarray scanner providing higher throughput (1 – 24 slides) as well as greatly improved spot detection performance. With a new compact optical system and high-speed signal processing. The LuxScan HT24 is highly sensitive and accurate, with a linear signal detection response over a wide dynamic range. The LuxScan HT24 also integrates a barcode reader with optional uses. The chip cartridge is newly designed to provide much more reliable mechanical protection for the chip surface.
The LuxScan HT24 also comes with powerful fully integrated imaging options and applications. The integrated SpotPro application software also has a simpler configuration, and can provide an interface for user-based development. Users can design their own tools for image analysis and data processing, and embed it in standard formats like .dll, .com into the application software.
SmartArrayer 136
CapitalBio SmartArrayer 136 is designed for large-scale microarray printing of up to 136 slides or up to 17 96-well plates. The SmartArrayer 136 is equipped with dual systems of contact printing and non-contact dispensing. The multi-purpose microarray spotter prints liquid samples on various substrates, such as glass, silicon, microplates or membranes, with high precision, maximum flexibility.
ChemLite 1200 Immunoassay Analyzer
ChemLite 1200 immunoassay analyzer is a random-access tube-based diagnostic platform for qualitative and quantitative chemiluminescence assays of human serum, plasma or other body fluid samples. The operation of ChemLite 1200 is fully automated and equipped with LIS interface and is thus ready for numerous clinical biochemical assays.
NanoQ Micro-volume Spectrophotometer
The NanoQ is a micro-volume spectrophotometer designed to measure very small sample volumes directly on a detection surface without dilution and in minimal time. The NanoQ utilizes the principles of light reflection and liquid surface tension to hold the sample in fixed position during measurement. Volumes of samples as small as 0.7μl can be measured with high accuracy and reproducibility. The NanoQ eliminates the need for cumbersome cuvettes and the measurement surface can be cleaned up in seconds, ready for the next sample measurement. The NanoQ represents the latest in spectrophotometer design, the fixed cover reflector design completely eliminates the tolerance range changes caused by mechanical movements and avoids optical path changes during measurement, and the small sample test chamber eliminates all stray light, shields any background interference and avoids liquid evaporation, resulting in improved measurement accuracy.
Extrator 36 Nucleic Acid Extractor
Extractor 36 Nucleic Acid Extractor is designed to process small volume DNA/RNA extractions in 36 × 1.5 ml microtubes. Optional carousels are available for 0.5ml tubes and 96/384-well plates. Its continuously adjustable speed and running time provide convenience and enable different extraction protocols. In combination with CapitalBio’s DNA extraction kits, the Extractor 36 is an effective tool to meet specific sample preparation needs.
LuxScan 10K Microarray Scanner
LuxScan 10K Microarray Scanner is a compact high performance system for microarray imaging and data analysis of DNA, protein and cell arrays. Its advanced systems for optics, signal processing and motion control provide superior scan accuracy, and high detection sensitivity over a wide linear dynamic range. With optimized signal acquisition and processing elements, it is an ideal tool for profiling fluorescent labeled microarrays.
LuxScan 10K-A has two excitation lasers (532nm and 635nm) and scans sequentially, avoiding potential signal crosstalk for dual labeled arrays.
LuxScan 10K-B, with a choice of either the 532 nm or 635 nm laser excitation scource, provides specific array applications at a lower cost.
SmartArrayer 48
SmartArrayer 48 is equipped with dual printing systems: contact print-head and proprietary non-contact spray head. The dual-purpose microarray spotter has easy-to-use features and prints liquid samples onto various substrates, such as glass, silicon or membranes, with high precision and maximum flexibility.
BioMixer II
BioMixer II is a microarray hybridization station that helps the aqueous hybridization mixture spread evenly over the microarray surface by continuous 3-D rotation in a temperature adjustable environment. This exposes each and every sample spot uniformly with the reaction reagent solution, resulting in enhanced reaction signal intensity and signal consistency. BioMixer II is easy to operate, with up to 6 or 12 microarray slides hybridized simultaneously. The BioMixer II is equipped with 4 interchangeable adapters to accommodate hybridization, washing and to facilitate mixing of biochemical reagents in tubes.
PersonalArrayer 16 Microarray Spotter
PersonalArrayer 16 is a new highly flexible and efficient microarray spotter. It is equipped with both contact printing and proprietary non-contact dispensing technology. It can be used for proteomics, genomics, clinical diagnostics and food safety testing applications. Its compact design and flexible functions make it suitable for research labs and diagnostic labs.
SlideWasher 8 Slide Clean-up Station
SlideWasher 8 automates the clean-up of residue from DNA or protein microarray slides. It integrates washing buffer heating, slide washing and slide drying functions. It simplifies operations, improving the reliability of reaction results and array imaging. The SlideWasher 8 has up to 4 user set washing/drying protocols and 4 pre-set protocols.
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