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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small (approximately 22nt) ribonucleotides found in animal and plant cells which play important roles in cell differentiation, tissue development and apoptosis by regulating gene expression and protein translation. Altered expression of microRNAs has also been seen in numerous mammalian cancers. CapitalBio has developed two microRNA arrays, the mammalian miRNA array (human, rat, mouse) and the plant miRNA array which contain 1320 and 426 non-redundant microRNA probes, respectively.

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Key Features of the Probe Set

◆ The probe sets contain both mature and precursor miRNA sequences as well as numerous positive and negative controls
◆ High throughput: Each array can simultaneously profile all currently published mammalian (human, rat, mouse) or plant microRNAs listed in the Sanger Center databases
◆ Each probe is validated for sensitivity and specificity by optimizing their length, melting temperature and potential secondary structures

Key Features of the MicroRNA Array Services

◆ Optimized hybridization conditions and washing protocols ensure specific hybridization and highly sensitive detection
◆ Stringent quality controls throughout each step of the service guarantee the reliability and reproducibility of the array results
◆ SAM, clustering and other data mining tools are used to determine differentially expressed microRNAs
◆ Further biologically relevant functional data analysis is available by integrating other CapitalBio Array Services, such as mRNA expression profiling, transcription factor profiling, genotyping



MiRNA Service Cluster Analysis

Thirty-one pairs of primary esophageal squamous cell cancer tissues and corresponding adjacent normal esophageal tissues were used as a training group. The microarray analyses identified seven microRNAs that could distinguish malignant esophageal cancer lesions from adjacent normal tissues. High expression of hsa-miR-103/107 correlated with poor survival by univariate analysis as well as by multivariate analysis. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-06-4418
Cancer Res January 1, 2008 68; 26 (


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Mammalian miRNA Array Service V4.0
Plant miRNA Array Services V2.0

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